Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is The Content Hub Creators Room? The Content Hub Creators Room is an online platform where India’s finest and successful writers, directors, producers and many such industry experts share their knowledge, best-practices, tips and techniques. The goal is to offer an alternate and practical approach for you to learn and sharpen your skill sets through their experiences and case studies. Through TCH Creators Room, you will stay updated with industry’s news and movements and also get a chance to interact and collaborate with industry peers.

2. What is the format of the courses? The videos are pre-recorded sessions. Each video is designed by the mentor/s giving in-depth knowledge of the topic. August 2020 onwards we will have weekly/monthly live sessions which will then be a part of the video library.

3. How long are the videos? Each topic is at least an hour long session divided into parts. The duration of each video may vary depending on the topic and number of mentors.

4. What all topics are covered? The objective of TCH Creators Room is to cover all the basis of content creation and content business. The existing and up-coming videos are designed to unfold such techniques and trends from the industry experts.

5. On what devices can watch the videos and read the news & updates? You can watch the videos and read the news & updates on your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

6. Is there a specific time frame to complete the videos? No, you can watch and complete the videos at any time as per your convenience. You will have unlimited access to the videos as long as your membership is valid.

7. Will there be more videos uploaded? Yes. We will be regularly uploading pre-recorded videos and also conduct live sessions weekly and monthly. You can also send us your suggestions and feedback on

8. How will I get notified about new videos and news updates? By becoming our member, you will automatically subscribe to our weekly newsletter. The news and information will be regularly updated on the website. For every new live session to be conducted, a special e-mailer with all necessary information will be sent to members

9. How often new content will I receive new content?

  • There will be content updated weekly and monthly.
  • News and articles updated throughout the week.
  • You will also receive 1 weekly newsletter.
  • Master class videos will be updated every 2 weeks
  • ‘Key Profiles’ will be updated regularly

10. Can I interact with the mentors? We will be conducting live sessions on regular basis which will have a Q&A session at the end. You may interact and ask your queries during that time.

11. Can I download the videos? No, the videos are not available for downloading. The videos are viewable at any time and as many times as you’d like and can be streamed only on our website.

12. How do I search a particular video or mentor? You can search any topic or mentor in the “Search” feature available on the top-right of the website.

13. If I have a doubt regarding a topic, where do I ask the question? You can send in your queries to We will address it at the earliest.

14. What is Chat Room? Every 2 weeks we will open the Chat Room for discussion within the members. The members will be notified with the “Topic of Discussion” and interested members can register to take part in the same. This will be exclusive to the registered members only. The number of seats will be limited. In case there is a large number of participation, the chat room discussion will be divided into groups.


1. Who can be a member?

Any aspiring or an established writer, director or producer can be a member. However, even if you love consuming content and interested in knowing behind-the-scene aspects, you are welcome to enjoy the masterclass videos, updates and engage with the community.

2. How to register?

You can log in using your e-mail id or Facebook account. Will enter details once entire website is ready.

3. Can I make changes in my account profile in future?

Yes, you can make the desired changes by visiting your profile dashboard and clicking on the edit button.

4. Will my profile be visible to others?

Yes. Once you create the profile, your profile details like Name, Picture, Experience, City and Work portfolio will be visible to all other members. Similarly, you can also see other members’ profile. Every member can visit other members’ profile. You can also send/receive messages and chat with the members. Every week 6 different profiles will be featured on the website and promoted through that week’s newsletter.

5. To complete my profile, it is asking me to attach work portfolio. Why is it mandatory?

One of the features of TCH Creators Room is that you get to showcase your work. This will allow members to view each other’s work and deliberate interactions within them. Therefore it is mandatory for both established and aspiring writers, directors and producers to attach your earlier work to your profile. Aspiring individuals can write or record new piece of work for the profile or upload an unpublished project of theirs.


1. What are the payment options available? You can only make online payment using your debit or credit card, netbanking, UPI and wallet though the website. Click here to see the membership plans & benefits.

2. For how long the membership will be valid? The membership will be valid as per the membership plan selected by you. It will begin on the date you purchase the membership. Click here to see the membership plans & benefits.

3. Will I get a receipt? Yes, you will receive an auto-generated receipt once the payment is done successfully. On request, our team can provide you with the soft copy of invoice separately. You can contact us on for the same.

4. How much is the membership fee? We have two membership plans: Gold Membership (1 year) and Silver Membership (6 Months). Depending on the plan you chose, the monthly fee can go as low as Rs. 290!!! Click here for the membership plans & benefits.

5. Can I change my membership plan? No, once a plan is purchased there cannot be any alterations.

6. My payment didn’t get through. What do I do? You may try to make the payment again. On repeated failed attempts, you can reach out to us on and our team will get in touch with you.

7. I want to cancel my membership. What is your refund policy? The membership once purchased will remain active till the end of its term and cannot be cancelled. There will be no refunds.

Your query was not listed here? Kindly mail us to and our team will get in touch with you at the earliest.