The Content Boom Phenomenon in India

Download Day-1 Agenda

"Netflix- Made in India. Watched by the World"

The Surging Creative Economy

Uncovering Opportunities to Create Great Content

Generating audiences, building stickiness

The Power of Hyper-local storytelling

The new content

Developing the Magic Script

Taking direction to the next step

Tooling content with technology

The shield of protection

The world of voice

Success or bust

Women in Entertainment

Hindsight & Insight

The content ecosystem is exploding with CHOICES, carefully curated by the best in the industry.

How is the audience dealing with the content menu? Is there a sweet spot between choice of content & personality type? Is it that simple? - Esha Nagar

Download Day-2 Agenda

Unique Voices of Cinema

Sustaining a long running series on Television

From a content Idea to A STRONG PITCH Presentation

Quirky storytelling and writing

When should a Director say cut ?


How to produce 4K and 8K Content?

Case study on the Marathi Series

In Conversation with Hot Digital Shows

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